Washer Tips

-- Not spinning? Lid or door switches
-- Running but nothing moves? Belts or couplings or agitator
-- Water on floor? Water hoses or water pump
-- Water overfills? Air pressure hose or pressure switch

Dryer Tips

-- No heat? Heater element or temperature sensors
-- Don't turn on? Door switch or thermal fuse
-- Drum not turning? Belt
-- Too long to dry? Exhaust hose or lint filter clogged
-- Squeaking noise? Drum wheels or felt seals worn or bearings

Range/Oven Tips

-- Burner always on high? Burner switch
-- Oven don't turn on? Oven timer set on time bake
-- Gas burners don't ignite? Dirty ignitors
-- Oven temperature wrong? Oven sensor or oven switch

Refrigerator Tips

-- No ice? Ice lever is in up position or water hose or valve
-- Condensation on edge of doors? Door seals
-- Light stays on? Door switch
-- Door not closing? Door hinge or closure

Dishwasher Tips

-- Not turning on? Door switch or door lock
-- Not draining? Drain hose or pump
-- Water on floor? Door seal or hoses
-- Dishes still dirty? Soap dispenser or spray arms

Note: These tips are for general knowledge only and not meant to be a diagnostic tool. ReliableParts Inc. will not be responsible for any misinterpretation.